Who Gets a Payday Loan and Money Saving Tips?

So if you’ve looked around at all, you will have seen the numerous signs, billboards and storefronts of Payday Loan Lenders. This article is to familiarize yourself with what these businesses actually do and if you would benefit from it.

Depending on what you’ve heard of payday loan lenders, you may have experienced them yourself, you may have had friends who have used them or you may not have a clue what they are about.

We are going to dispel any fear you might have of the unknown, undo the bad story that cousin Bob told about you about getting money to fix his tractor, and you will be a well informed consumer.

First of all, the industry does not, as a whole, practice this to take advantage of people. There are a wide range of people who borrow money from payday loan lenders. The average customer of payday loans are middle class, middle income people.

The very poor people who lenders have been accused of taking advantage of, know that they can’t use this system all the time without digging their holes deeper.

It is absurd to think that this industry preys on people who go without enough, entice them to take our loans and owe us money they can’t pay back if forced to anyway!

Wealthy people don’t typically need payday loans, though I am not ruling them out. They usually have multiple streams of income, savings, investments, etc. The middle class are the average citizens in this country.

They range from living paycheck to paycheck to just being short on cash when unexpected situations arise. In some cases, they are entrepreneurs or independent contractors who wait on other people to get them their paychecks for work done.

Whatever your class or reason for needing a pay day loan, it is simple. The interest rates charged are quite large when compared to a traditional loan. However, these loans are set up to be short term, usually a few weeks.

So the fees aren’t much of a problem. The process is easy and when something is easy, they think scam.

There is some paperwork to fill out, usually just a few papers. This includes all your personal information, your loan contract and then your repayment schedule.

The process is over and done in just about an hour or so. Online companies can deposit money in your bank account usually within 24 hours.

If you follow your payment schedule, the loan is paid back within a short time. If you are unable to pay it back as signed in your contract, then the company usually has a rollover or extension to give you.

You will pay a little bit for that but you won’t get the big fees that banks usually charge for bounced checks.

What to do with my money?

The money you received from the payday loan store will be used for whatever pressing thing you needed it for in the first place. But we will talk a little more about what to do with your money in general.

Below are some money tips to help you keep your cash in your wallet and not burning holes in your pants, or purse.

– Comparison shop a little. Find two stores with cheap prices for the food you usually buy. Buying everything at one store can cost you tons.

– Buy food at your local farmers markets.

– Buy second hand clothes for young children who grow out of their sizes very quickly.

– Ask people to bring food to your parties or gatherings. Spreading out the cost of food helps your wallet and encourages people to take part.

– Call your credit card companies and ask for a lower interest rate. Being persistent by asking what they can offer you, will usually get you a change.

– Make a budget! This I cannot stress enough, knowing what you have coming in and what bills are due, will keep everything in order and save you hundreds in late fees or over limit fees.

– Make decorations for your home or holidays. You can find simple crafts online and you’ll pay much less in supplies than if you buy at a home decor store.

– Go generic on general home supplies. Paper towels and toilet paper don’t need to be frilly, they need to be functional.

– Make your own cleaning supplies. Not only will this save you money, but the natural products you use are better for your health.

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Shop Till You Drop Online Using Payday Loans

Online shopping store is the agora of the 21st century. Once you get to the site, beware as there is scant possibility that you can turn away from the hot and amazing products – unless, of course, you turn off the computer and then make a quick trip to apply payday loans in Ontario. More significantly, there is no known cure yet for online shopping addiction; so, do yourself a favor and go away before finishing those payday loans.

Every item – books, CDs, staplers, sleeping pills – conceivable in the human mind is available in the online shops. Heck, there are scores of online stores around that the cyberspace has turned into a virtual shopping mall.

Business Concept

The business concept of online shopping is pretty simple: all people use computer, make them shop there. For the first time since the days of Adam and Eve, people don’t need to brush elbows with a mass of humanity inside shopping malls. They don’t have to queue long in downtown pharmacies selling medicines. Women can purchase naughty pieces of lingerie directly from online stores without embarrassing themselves. People need only to do some mouse clicks and in a matter of days, even hours to some transactions, the product is in their hands.

But unless they have just been approved with payday loans, there is no way that people will want to spend their hard-earned money just like that online without seeing a human face.

Interactive Features

To offset the impersonal nature of online shopping, the pioneers in the industry utilized some features of social networking sites. They promoted online shopping store to be where the people are – the place where people actually stay if they need something immediately or in the future. Anybody can buy, post comments and make review of certain items, products and services. The interactive features of online stores have made people comfortable with online shopping and gambling their payday loan money for the items they like. Later on, online stores included features where people can sell and auction their own items.

Sanity Tips

The lack of control in the urge to shop online can probably make people lose sanity. They have to apply for reliable payday loans before they can start to shop in the Internet. Some companies offer fast and easy access to payday loans without the need for credit score. That being said, people have no business in staying long at online stores without arming themselves with these tips:

1) Before doling out cash, check the reliability and track-record of online stores.
2) Check budget and buy only what can be afforded.
3) Read consumer reviews, comments and feedbacks. Helpful tips are there.
4) If it’s a personal item being sold, try to communicate with the owner.
5) Always seek for bargains. Compare online price rates with regular stores.
6) Ask if there is free delivery service for a given item.
7) Bid only in auctions of a desired item.

It can be dizzying to shop online because there are too many online stores around and sometimes payday loans won’t be enough. For starters, people can never go wrong in tried and tested Amazon.com and eBay. Online consumers can also check if there are items that they can sell in the Internet. It should be noted that the first item sold in Amazon.com was a broken laser pointer.

Anything, indeed, can be bought from online stores: from boring plumbing tools to exotic cures for gonorrhea; from authentic Picasso paintings to latest e-books of “Twilight” series; from the music of Norah Jones to the rants of Tupac; from iPhones to the oldest stereo player. You say it, online stores have it! Interestingly enough, some of the best-sellers and highly coveted items in the online stores are bizarre in their own respect. Where else can you buy Yoda’s lightsaber, James Bond’s gadgets and Britney Spear’s teen bras in just one spot?

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